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Minimex Ltd is a maize processing company based in Rwanda, owned by ProDev Group Holding, a Rwandan holding company that is into agribusiness and food processing. Since its inception in 2006, Minimex has grown into a nutritional powerhouse, with its reach going beyond Rwanda to adjacent markets.

The company plays the role of linking maize farmers with consumers. The maize bought from farmers is processed into maize flour, fortified maize flour, maize grits (used in the breweries) and maize bran (used as animal feeds and exported to Kenya, where the demand is high).

Minimex Ltd - Vieews

Minimex has contributed positively to the agricultural and economic sector of Rwanda, but beyond this, has had as impact in the social industry, as they have been actively involved in community support activities by providing bags of maize flour to some academic institutions and NGOs.

Interested investors and consumers can track their progress through their Facebook and Twitter pages. This is a great leap for Rwanda’s economic sector as Minimex has a cyclic system of operation seen when end products of maize are sent back to the farms and animal farms; they also employ a host of workers in their factories and offices.




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