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The CEO of Azeemouhaa Enterprise, Monsurat Abdul-rahman Oluwasesan of Nigeria, tells us how the personal discovery of blackseed and honey led to the successful business enterprise of NaijaBlackseedHoney. Welcome to the vieews.com inspirational startup stories of Entrepreneurs changing the Entrepreneurial landscape of Africa. Stay tuned for more Entrepreneur startup stories here.


When was your NaijaBlackseedHoney founded?

NaijaBlackseedHoney is a subsidiary of Azeemouhaa Enterprise, a company that deals with processing and packaging of blackseed and honey.

Azeemouhaa enterprise was founded March 26, 2016.



What products or services do you offer? 


Our products are:

  • Black seed
  • Blackseed Tea
  • Black seed powder (crushed seed)
  • BlackseedHoney
  • BlackseedHoney Bathing Soap
  • Black seed oil
  • Honey

Our service; We guide and teach how to use natural remedy Black seed, honey for cure and prevention of all illness except death as mentioned in the Quran and Bible.


Do you deliver locally, nationally and internationally.?


Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world.


What motivated you to start this line of business? 


It started, when I realized the effective Change in my body and how drastically my healthy improved after the use of blackseedhoney.

My first encounter with blackseed was by my parents. At that time, I was diagnosed with a bit of low immune system, which resulted into another illness. I was falling sick weekly, it was so bad that I used to think negatively about myself. I took some of the crushed seed given to me by my mother and tried it for four days, twice a day. I was surprised at the wonders those little seeds performed and then called my mother to enquire more about it. Mum told me it works and cures all illness except death of course. I was thrilled so, I decided to visit my parents and claim more than half of the content she had in her possession😊

I started using for weeks and I didn’t really see the effect. Although I saw so many changes and I knew it was working, I guess I was expecting too much at first.

My Mum called me severally to purchase more. She was on my neck often repeating the same thing so then, I decided to make more research about the black cumin seeds because I generally don’t use drugs or herbs without getting 100% details.

I started reading about blackseed and honey, I spent months and sleepless night doing my research. It was too broad to finish. At a point, I decide to buy more to study physically.  I then realized, Blackseedhoney is the only naturalized remedy I used so far with 100% result.


Currently I don’t use drugs because 6 to 8 months later, I was able to come off the drugs for ulcer, malaria, constant headache, cold or flu used in the past. Blackseedhoney helped to boost my general body immune system. We have received same testimonies from all our customers worldwide.


After then I purchased some more, introduced it to people around me, gave a lot of free samples for trials and that was how Naijablackseedhoney was birthed.


In the beginning, I was known as honey merchant, before I came across nigella sativa (black cumin seed). According to my research, Qur’an and Bible both say Blackseed is best taken with Honey. That was how my interest grew in Blackseedhoney.  I then combined, my knowledge, research of honey and blackseed to create awareness and health benefits of both natural products God has blessed us with to the world.


I prayed to God, that I want to be known for these two products worldwide. Our aim is to spread its health benefits, importance and give BLACKSEEDHONEY a very good publicity worldwide.


What is your biggest challenge in Business in business today?


I try as much as possible to fit in every aspect of my business. From my point of view 90% of those that cross my part lack knowledge about Blackseedhoney and its importance. Repeating its health benefits, how to use for all type of illness has been my greatest challenge but it has not stopped me from continuously sharing the benefits to people.



What is your best advice for handling customer complaints?


First, be patient.  Remain claim with customers when direct or indirect insult happens. Pay more attention to their complaints, apologize for the inconvenience and attend to complaints with immediate effect.


How do you market your business and which tactics have been most successful?


For the past two years 95% of our marketing is done on social media. Instagram, Facebook, what’s app, and Jiji. The use of social media has helped to boost sales in fact triple my income.

Who has been greatest inspiration for your business? 


Almighty Allah has been my greatest inspiration, my loving parents, adorable husband and siblings.


What do you wish you had known before starting your business?


Wish I knew note more about how to use social media for business marketing.


What’s has been the best part of your business journey so far? 


The best part of my business that give me joy is customer referral. At times customers refer just because of their special interest in my personality and our products feedback.


If you do not mind sharing, do you have any big announcements, you want to share with our viewers or reader’s.? 

Please follow our social Media Page listed below, we’re improving and working towards giving the best in 2019.


Contact details

Website www.naijablackseedhoney.com

Instagram @naijablackseedhoney

Facebook Azeemouhaa enterprise

Call line +23407055555434 || What’s app +2348106547084



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