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The great South African President who passed away in 2013 would have been 100, 18th of July.

A great activist of our time, he campaigned tirelessly for equality in South Africa, becoming the first democratically elected president and the world beyond it winning over 200 awards including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Img src: Mandela got to witness South Africa host the World Cup in 2004.

To celebrate this milestone, numerous activities are planned for the event:

  • A new currency collection commemorating the great Madiba’s (as he is known locally) centenary to tell stories of historical milestones

South Africans are encouraged to join in discovering the journey.

  • Nelson Mandela Foundation 16th annual lecture will be delivered by POTUS Barack Obama, live stream on the 17th of July.

  • Global Citizen Festival heads to South Africa in December with a host of music super stars to be hosted by Bonang M. and key note from Oprah.

Everyone gets a chance to free tickets for this event, visit Global Citizen to find out more.

Img: Global Citizen

How are you celebrating his legacy? Join the discussion.

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