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Zashadu is a Nigerian-owned brand concerned with the manufacturing of sustainable hand-made leather pieces such as leather shoes, bags, clutches, etc. The luxury brand is owned by Zainab Ashadu, who developed a strong liking for handbags at a very young age.

Zashadu boasts a team of fabricators who get inspired by the traditional generational patterns developed over the years by local artisans. Basically, the luxury brand operates from its Ikoyi-based workspace and utilizes raw materials (including brassy precious stones, exotic skins, and leathers) obtained from local sources.


Owing to its interest in vintage craft, Zashadu aims to project the beauty of long-lived traditional techniques to the entire world through its elegant leather works. People who would like to purchase mini bags, shoulder bags, clutches, top handle bags, etc., for just any reason, can reach the luxury brand through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

This news is of great benefit for anyone who needs locally made luxury leather pieces for fashion and just any other purpose.




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