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The founder and creative mind behind the colourful brand Yousplashdecors shares her thoughts on discipline, the creative process, and making her products the best they can be. 



01. When was this business founded and by whom?

➤ My name is Success Onuoha and I am the CEO of Yousplashdecors. The Yousplashdecors story isn’t the everyday business stereotype. I created handmade artworks using yarns as a hobby and everyone loved it, both family and friends. But they did not want to encourage it because I was an excellent biochemistry student and was expected to continue on that path. Regardless, I registered my hobby in October 2017 and it took on a business structure in June 2018.



02. Where did the name of the business come from?

➤ The Yousplashdecors brand is governed by colours. All Yousplashdecors artworks are made specifically for the customers. “You” choose your colours and we make a “Splash” of it. That was the inspiration for the brand name.


03. What advice would you give to others wanting to get into this business?

➤ I’d say choose a niche and concentrate on growing it. Learn everything about it and gain expertise in that specific area. Yarn craft is vast and if you do not choose a niche you will get lost in the beauty of creativity.



04. What are the biggest challenges facing the business today, if any?

➤ The biggest challenge is penetrating the market. This is not the established artwork for the African home. A lot of sensitization and explanation has been and is still being done to have the concept in the faces of the people.


05. How do you find inspiration for new ideas and products?

➤ I make illustrations using a pen and my illustration book. Once it looks good on paper, I’ll bring it to life. People also ask me random intelligent questions that spike ideas, “why can’t it be circular? Does it have to be this size?’’ and in a bid to answer them new creative ideas are birthed. And let’s not forget Uncle Google; this market already exists on the international handcraft radar and there are plenty of pictures to get inspiration from.



06. What habits and/or mindsets helped make this business successful? 

➤ My determination to get the ideas in my head out there and accepted. I spoke to people, attended meetings, and shared my opinions. I was determined to bring value, and with every product I thought of all the ways it could look and turn out better. I thought about the inconvenience of hanging your artwork on walls and created a solution for it. I thought about the difficulties of transporting art and having it arrive in one piece, and I created a solution for it. Yousplashdecors believes happiness is handmade and art is special. Therefore everything about a product from Yousplashdecors – from its production, to packaging, to delivery, and setup – is designed with the intent to make the customers feel special.


07. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? 

➤ Being a successful entrepreneur requires discipline. You are working for yourself. You call the shots. So you have to discipline yourself to show up and do right.



08. What do you love most about doing business in Africa? 

➤ This is Africa, my Africa, our Africa, our root. Africa is home, Africa is colour, Africa loves colours, Yousplashdecors creates colours. I am confident doing business here and that is the first step in the growth radar.





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