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Launched in 2017, Nkyea was developed to serve as the basic tutor of all interested learners of Ghanaian languages. Nkyea serves as a comprehensive course for speaking Akan, the best option for learning Asante’s grammar and vocabulary. Also, it has has an ultimate phrasebook with more than 3000 phrases. These phrases provide a simple keyboard for typing better Twi, Fante, Ewe, and Ga. It is also an engaging and fun way for kids to learn basic Asante Twi.

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Nkyea comes in the form of an Apple, iPad, and Android application. This app is easy to navigate and ensures fast learning of Asante Twi and other Ghanaian languages. Nkyea can be reached via Twitter.

Nkyea is a fantastic startup in aiding commerce and entrepreneurship. With Nkyea, foreign entrepreneurs can quickly learn Ghanaian languages to facilitate the easy flow of their business.



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