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Ogaranya was founded by Akinyele Olubodun and his team in 2015, after a series of research. The need to start up this company was borne after a friend of his tried to purchase a shirt online, but found it difficult to get internet connection; because of a prolonged strike due to fuel scarcity.

Ogaranya is an e-payment platform that helps customers complete transactions offline through SMS without dependence on internet connection. They have been able to convert pictures of products on TV, newspapers, billboards into sales by enabling customers order via text message with a variety of payment options such as USSD, Pay at ATM, Bank deposit, Online payment, etc.

Ogaranya - Vieews

Purchasing products and booking tickets have been made more accessible, using Ogaranya. They also employ the use of social media bots on platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc. to assist users who prefer these methods. Interested customers can learn more about them on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is a great leap for payment technology solutions as through the Ogaranya platform, transactions can be easily carried out without the need for internet connection.




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