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Ojay Greene is an agribusiness platform owned by Yvette Ondachi. She started the company in 2013 with the mission of increasing the incomes of local farmers in Africa. Ojay Greene hopes to do this by connecting these farmers to the urban markets.

In a bid to achieve its goal, Ojay Greene surveys markets and itemizes the specific agricultural needs of these massive scale places like supermarkets, restaurants or hotels. After this, farmers are contacted to make these products available at a competitive rate.

Ojay Greene - Vieews

Ojay Greene has about 380 farmers with an aggregate customer base of 80,000 customers each week. The start-up continues to solve the problems of insufficient produce supply by supermarkets and low patronage faced by the local farmers. The goal of Ojay Greene is slowly but surely becoming a reality as farmers have increased their profits by 20 %. They can now commercialize their farming operations and hire more workers.

Interested clients and investors can reach this platform via Facebook and Twitter pages. This is excellent news for small scale farmers in Kenya as they get to increase their earnings while providing food products for their customers.




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