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Paystack is the chosen payment processor in Nigeria for some of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. It is the fastest and simplest mode as it accepts payments instantly. From signing up to receiving payments can take less than 15 minutes. Paystack delights its customers with its simple and transparent pricing with zero integration and maintenance fee with affordable charges on each successful transaction. Paystack clients benefit from a seamless payment experience and phenomenal transaction success rates.

What’s more? Paystack combines manual and automated fraud systems to protect their clients from fraudulent transactions and related chargeback claims. Moreover, Paystack is a payment processor of choice for businesses in Nigeria as it provides detailed reporting, exports and alerts about the business performance. Through the Paystack platform, businesses get paid by customers globally, and they receive the money automatically into their bank account 24 hours after the payment is made.  Learn more about Paystack’s pricing, customers, developers and read reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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This is great news Africa’s business as this innovation enables business transactions to be done anywhere in the world. Hence, it promises a bright future for Africa’s marketplace.

Paystack enables business in Africa to get paid from anywhere in the world.



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