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Africa is the home of rich heritage and culture in the world. Some of African’s beautiful cultures are embodied in their mode and style of dressing. With designers and clothes in high demand, the African fashion industry is ripe to reach its full potential. However, there are several platforms that showcases the fashion stylings within the continent. The popular ones are highlighted below.

Aso Ebi Bella

Aso Ebi Bella: Aso Ebi Bella is a famous platform in Nigeria that showcases the best African fashion styles to the world. They have the best styles and colors combination in all categories for men, women and kids. Some of their amazing styles include agbada, boubou, buba and Sokoto, dashiki, fila, and so many others. Their beautiful designs can be found on their websites and on their social media platforms.

Ghana Fashion Marketing Group

Ghana Fashion Marketing Group: This is a group of company that displays the culture and arts in Ghana through elegant fashion styles. They export some of the fashion products to Africans residing in other continents due to the quality of their designs. Some of their famous designs are royal shirts, royal tees, kente hoodie, bomber jacket, and RH polo shirt. They also produce shoes and bags to perfectly match their clients clothing.



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