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Post Fenty Beauty, Rihanna graces us with yet another collection, Savage x Fenty, a lingerie collection launched on the 11th of May.

Worldwide launch was announced by Rihanna and we were obviously curious about shopping from Africa. Keep reading to know how you can shop from Africa.

Rihanna in Savage x Fenty


Good news is Rihanna announced this will be a worldwide launch, we got excited and  went shopping from various African countries and these are the findings:

1. On the day of the launch, we could not get into the Savage X website for a while, apparently there was a line 😐 … we waited of course 🙂

2. We loaded our shopping bag and realized depending on your selected items, you may need to register if you selected anything from the ‘Xtra Savage exclusive’ collection. If you select nothing from this range, no need to register. The reason for the exclusive products is they are linked to the annual $50 USD fee VIP program with access to exclusive stuff. However most of the products are not in this exclusive collection so no need to join if you don’t want to. In our case, we removed the exclusive items and continued shopping 🙂


3. First impressions shopping was the models looked like real people and yes, that was very impressive. After loading the shopping cart, we proceed to check out. And yes, we were able to find most African countries on the list *phew!* and multiple languages other than English.



4. The default country is USA, but when you change the country, you get a pop-up proposing currency. There seems to be a limitation on the currency as it defaults to US Dollars for most African countries. Some countries such as Cameroon, Burkina Faso, etc, appeared to have the option for their local CFA franc. While some countries had local currency options such as Morocco, South Africa, etc.

5. Shipping is done in partnership with Borderfree. If you do not know about Borderfree, it’s worth looking up as it enables access to shopping from numerous international stores.


6. Checkout could be concluded without registration if items were not in the exclusive range. If you have a Borderfree account, there’s an option to use it for the checkout.

7. While shipping appeared in the total, duties and taxes do not appear to be included in the total. This means potentially more charges on arrival to your destination if Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) so make sure you know how this works for your country to understand the extras.

This order total does not include duties or taxes. You will be required to pay those, along with any collection fees, to the shipping carrier upon receipt.


8. A credit or debit card is required, alternatively, PayPal or UnionPay can also be used. If you do not have a card, you may want to check out companies like MallforAfrica as Fenty Beauty is available there, Savage x Fenty may be available in the future.


And that was it! Happy Shopping at Savage x Fenty from Africa 😉

Tried it? Let us know your experiences in comments below.


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