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Get to know the founder and story of Savannah Space, the brains behind the innovative business idea uplifting Kenyan artisans.

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When was this business founded?

Savannah Space was founded on the 28th of September 2018 by Cherie Kihato.


 Where did the name of the business come from?

The name sort of just came as a thought without meaning. I was sitting in my room and said, ”I’m going to start a multi-vendor platform where people can buy made in Kenya furniture and home decor and call it Savannah Space.” I had no clue why I thought of Savannah Space, I think God just gave me the name on the spot. About two hours later I realised why I had called it Savannah Space. We live in Kenya, which is a Savannah, and for me, homes are spaces so Savannah Space reflects people’s homes (spaces) within the Savannah (Kenya).


 How did you establish partnerships for your business?

Google, Instagram, countless of emails, the uttermost support from my mum, brothers, and God.

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How many people do you employ and what do you look for in an employee? 

Right now, none. It’s just me. I contract people for things like web development and graphic designs. I also rely a lot on friends and family support.


 Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I genuinely think God just plopped this idea into my head without even asking me. The good thing is, I’ve always loved homes and how interior decor can just bring them to life. Me and my mum have a hobby of just visiting open houses and showrooms, so I’ve always had a love for beautiful homes.

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Like I said before, the idea for Savannah Space sort of just came into my mind without any warning. I then thought about the practicality of it and said yeah, people have homes and they need furniture, I should definitely do this. It was also around the time I was doing an internship and was starting to feel like they may not take me on for a permanent position. So I thought; you know what, when else am I going to start this business if not now?


 How do you find inspiration and generate new ideas for products?

I ask the Savannah Space customers and Instagram followers what they want to see more of and they respond. Also, God.

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 How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

I think it’s our support for things made in Kenya and the vendors that we work with. We also really pay close attention to what our customers and Instagram followers say.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Wow, um… I’m still learning them. Can I get back to you in 5 years when Savannah Space is global?

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## What do you love most about doing business in Africa?

I can only speak of Kenya because Africa is too diverse to generalise. The thing I love most about doing business in Kenya is the talent that we have.

The Savannah Space Street Fair II is taking place on the 31st of August at The Node, Westlands. We will have vendors selling furniture and home decor products made in Kenya.

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