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No doubt, Africa has numerous sustained cultures that translate to all sorts of unique arts, crafts & amazing products.

We look at some of the best unexpected global websites to showcase these amazing crafts to the world, inside and outside of Africa.

Some countries restrict some sites so be familiar with the restrictions for customers in the countries you are aiming for i.e. you cannot be trying to reach China based customer through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

1. Social Media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter): open to all African countries, completely free to use, this is a top choice for businesses that need to showcase products, especially handmade craft. However, with social media, so you need to be somewhat social to get the best of it. Before you dive in, always think about learning how to engage with the various platforms as the rules are different somewhat.

•     Engage with influencers  –> you may have heard of influencers on social media. Influencers are bloggers, websites, social media pages with good engagement able to drive traffic to you through their followership. Take Instagram, for example, these are known as shoutouts or reposts, some sites are dedicated to promoting the local businesses @fashiondesignersofegypt, @bell_africana, @officialvieews, @insidehome_morocco, @nigerianjewelry, @asoebibella and many more. Get to know the influencers in your business niche.

Importance of knowing your influencers: Image is a snapshot of a customer feedback after customer product was reposted on our social media pages.

2. Etsy: really is the lead in terms of selling handmade and other crafts. lists all countries for Seller location but does not list all currencies and countries so be prepared to sell in foreign currency.

Etsy currency listing August 2017

3. Alibaba: Alibaba makes this list because even though it’s not typically geared to African traffic, it is a true beast when it comes to traffic for potential global customers.

Supplier by Area, shows continents, then specific African countries if product is found.

Alibaba supplier region snapshot

4. you can promote your business & product(s) in different ways on;

While there are other global e-commerce sites, the above allows listings from all African countries. Please us know in comments box below which of these you have used for your business and the results for your business.
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