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SolarKodoo, SUN-Taklas energy, the framework of Power was built based on a belief of sharing.  The inventor of this brand has a passion for renewables, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and power for the whole of Africa in general. For this reason, SolarKodoo is a startup that brings together the major elements of energy in order to build something that will stand the test of time.

Img src: SolarKodoo Twitter.

SolarKodoo, based out of Burkina Faso, is fundamentally a solar powered system that renders services which helps smallholder farmers to produce high-quality crops and enjoy a bountiful harvest. A great harvest, in turn, contributes to the robustness of the economy.  The sole aim of this company is to share power like every other natural resource thereby giving people a chance to live a decent life and create the future they want. Currently, the brand communicates on social media especially Twitter. Such innovative as this promises a better Africa and chances at international partnerships.

SolarKodoo Founder Safiatou Nana recently made finalist at the 2019 shortlist Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. A “prize winner is selected to receive £25,000 along with three runners-up, who are each awarded £10,000.”


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