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Based in South Africa but with roots stretching all the way to Sweden, this skincare company produces natural, organic skincare that also caters to the European market. 

Kudu Cosmetica


01. When was this business founded and by whom? 

➤ Kudu Cosmetica is a natural and sustainable skincare company founded in 2017 by Angelica Wessel from Stockholm, Sweden. Originally moving to Cape Town, South Africa, Angelica settled in Stanford along the Southern tip of Africa and runs her business from there.


02. How did the idea for this business come about? 

➤ Angelica simply had a desire to create effective natural, eco- friendly, sustainable products for all skin types based in Africa, and turning African produce into high end products to be sold locally and exported to Europe. To create a business that is proudly African, a place she now considers home.

Kudu Cosmetica


03. What has the expansion of your business looked like?

➤ We are currently expanding into Europe, primarily France and Scandinavia. The growth potential is huge as Europe is a major market. The response has been fantastic and we have been warmly received by our European clients, press and partners.


04. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

➤ Work hard, don’t be afraid to take risks or make mistakes, success is never immediate. Embrace the challenge, in our attempts and failures we learn and achieve our goals and truly acquire knowledge and success! Focus on human relationships, your integrity, trust and reliability. These are assets money can’t buy.

Kudu Cosmetica


05. Could you tell us a bit about your locally sourced and organic ingredients?

➤ I loved the way my skin felt and looked as I began experimenting with natural African plant extracts and oils. All the oils and extracts I am working with have proven benefits for the skin. While my knowledge of plant extracts is largely research based, my products are created through process, natural progression and what feels right at the end of the day. I would say it is a combination of knowledge and experience. I really enjoy learning from botanists out in nature and working with farmers and growers to gain a more intimate understanding of the plant and how they need to be harvested to ensure high quality extracts and sustainable rotation.

Kudu Cosmetica

We focus strongly on social responsibility. Whenever possible we source locally and support local small businesses. We like to support small African businesses that cultivate and harvest organically in a sustainable manner. Our Moringa oil is produced from seeds grown by smallholders in rural parts of Malawi who manage and harvest crops from donated Moringa trees.

My inspiration is largely ingredient based through diligent research. I’ve been fortunate to connect with cosmetic scientists with a firm understanding of the science and how it can best be applied for beneficial results. Gathering and sharing ideas is always a good idea to gain a broader scope and understanding. Finding solutions for skin concerns, such as hyper-pigmentation, plays a major role in creating formulations.


06. Why will people buy your product (and not something else)?

➤ We aim to serve like-minded people with a need for effective products of the highest quality from ethical and sustainable sources. We hope our clients are buying into the concept of responsible and sustainable skincare which provides optimal results for beautiful, healthy skin. If people buy into our way of thinking, they will naturally be attracted to our products and the benefits.

Kudu Cosmetica


07. What do you love most about doing business in Africa?

➤ Africa as I know it provides a friendly, relaxed and professional working environment. I have had a really pleasant experience dealing in the skincare market in Africa, from rural communities to suppliers and retailers. There is a joy and freedom of life in Africa even when doing business. Growth and the value added retail market is on the rise in Africa and I am both glad and proud to watch the world take note!





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