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Strauss Energy, established in 2007, is a limited liability company (LLC) incorporated under the laws of Kenya to offer disruptive energy solutions to meet the yawning energy deficiency in Africa and the world at large. A core principle of Strauss Energy is Innovation, and so it captures the essence of a country with up to ten months of sunshine by building materials that capture the rays of the sun and convert them into solar energy.

Strauss Energy Kenya

By Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), Strauss Energy provides a perfect solution to the energy crises currently bedeviling Kenya. The solar tiles Strauss Energy produces works in such a way that they can produce sufficient power to sustain a modern household completely without the need for a secondary source of power.

Those interested in learning how Strauss Energy provides a solution to the current energy problem experienced by businesses and households can get more information on Facebook. This is great news for households and commercial businesses suffering from the energy deficiency in Africa.




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