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Tambo was made to achieve a singular purpose – to be one of the leading mobile companies in Nigeria and Africa on a larger scale.  The concept is to redefine technology and telephony. Although it was established in 2018 officially, the idea is a long-term empowerment plan, currently offering superphones and powerphones to enable mobility to its users. It isn’t even business as usual. It is business with a difference – Efficiency, maximum value, client interests as well as partnerships.

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The core aim of Tambo is transparency, humility, honesty, care, and reliability. When plans are made, work follows suit to make it progressive. Products are mainly superphones and power phones.  These ensure flexibility, connectivity, and mobility for daily living.  Tambo aims to deliver human-friendly products with design and durability using technology.

Also, the business believes in team worker for utmost success and better output.  So, there is room for interaction through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as YouTube. The difference here is embraced and celebrated; it is what makes it all beautiful.



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