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The business, which was founded in Tanzania but is mainly sponsored by the Swiss, is still fairly fresh but already hard at work bringing families back on their feet and back together.



01. When was your not-for-profit business founded and by whom?

➤ Kipepeo Family Foundation was registered last year (2018) at the 7th december. Myself, Joy Baumann, 23 years old from Switzerland, founded Kipepeo Family Foundation together with Nixon Aqulin Simba. He’s from Tanzania and is 29 years old. We have big hearts for the people around us and put all of our efforts into this project. My original profession is caring for and educating small children, and his is filmmaking. After that, but before we founded our own organisation, Nixon was working with children on the streets. We’ve also got someone else from Tanzania working with us. His name is Zakayo Mzaki, he’s 26 years old, and he especially cares for Kiwavi Home.



02. Tell us a little about the business mission and what your inspiration was for founding the business?

➤ Our vision is to help families in difficult living situations and to reduce the amount of children on the streets. We believe it’s important to solve a problem by starting at the beginning of said problem. We’ve experienced and observed that a lot of children who live on the street or in orphanages are not always orphans or without a family, they’re simply homeless. They live on the street or in orphanages because their parents or other family members have no financial or social ability to care for them. We wish to change that. Our mission is to enable parents and family members to live together and help each other towards a better future.



03. Tell us a little about the projects you have completed, and possible future projects?

➤ At the moment we have 5 different families. We work with them to try and find solutions about how they can take care of themselves and be independent. We do this through education, the parents starting businesses, or helping them to find a job. This gives them a stable income which will enable them to support themselves and their family. Sometimes we give them a start-up or provide support for their childrens’ education fees until they’re able to pay for it themselves. Our main focus is also them being able to live together. We have already helped some families to start businesses and find jobs, given advice, and brought kids to school.



04. What has been your proudest moment so far in the business?

➤ It’s always an amazing feeling to bring a family together. If we’re able to find a fitting solution for everyone, we start to see how the family members believe in themselves. With our help, they take the chance to change their life and family situation into something positive.



05. How do potential sponsors become sponsors of Kipepeo?

➤ The sponsors are mostly from Switzerland, which is my country of origin. It’s mainly personal sponsors which means people I know; people who listened when I made a presentation or people I met when me and my friends went to the christmas market in Switzerland for my foundation. We try to be active on Facebook, Instagram, and our website as well to reach more people. So far we don’t have any big budget sponsors but we get along just fine, slowly but surely. Everything takes time. It’s sometimes very difficult to carry everything on our shoulders; building up the sponsoring system, dealing with the hostel and the government, and it’s not always easy to see in how bad some families truly have it. But as hard as it can be to carry all these responsibilities, it’s worth it for how happy we area when we see that Kipepeo is growing and becoming important and helpful.



06. Tell us about the idea behind Kiwavi Home and the tourist attractions in the local area.

➤ Kiwavi Home aims to be our business of hosting guests to help Kipepeo have its own income. We wish to not only depend on sponsors and want to be an example for our families, because we also want them to be self-sufficient. As we are located close to Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National park, it’s a perfect place for tourists to stay. Many volunteers also stay with us, and they get a special offer if they stay at Kiwavi Home for at least one month. For tourists it costs $15 per night, with a lovingly prepared traditional breakfast included. People can find us easily on (Kiwavi Home, Moshi).


07. How do potential people who need support contact you? Website, telephone, email, social media handles, etc.



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