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Alex Mativo started Ethnic brand, formerly known as E-Lab in 2014 as a means of providing low-cost manufacturing services to any scale of the business by connecting skilled artisans across Sub-Saharan Africa to these companies. The goal of Ethnic brand is to reduce the need for physical input of fashion companies while alleviating poverty in Africa by giving skilled African artisans these jobs.

Ethnic Brand - Vieews

The Ethnic Brand goes a step further by making use of electronic waste products creatively to build innovative and trendsetting fashion styles. Through their connection with well-known brands, they have been able to improve the lives of these artisans through socio-economic inclusion. Ethnic brand has been recognized by Her Majesty the Queen of England as well as having their products showcased during the New York Fashion Week. Interested parties can get more information through the CEO’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages. This is great news for the Kenyan Fashion industry and economy as there is ready employment for skilled artisans in the country, as well as a chance to showcase the artistic expertise of Kenyans to the world.




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