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Startup Incubator Gambia is a reliable and reputable business incubator center in the Gambia. Being in the first ever business incubator center in the Gambia, Startup Incubator have built a connected strategic platform to support the young entrepreneurs in the quest for innovation, start-ups, and SMEs in the Gambia.

The Startup Incubator center is a friendly environment of budding entrepreneurs, with top-quality computers, high-speed internet, printers, and a well-equipped office space Startup Incubator Gambia offer a 6months business incubator programme where young entrepreneur rubs minds together and get impacted with knowledge from successful business founders in the Gambia and across Africa.

Startup Incubator Gambia

Apart from preparing young entrepreneurs for entrepreneurship through their intensive teaching, they also provide quality materials and resources which client can study even on their own. They have over the years consistently improved the standard of their education. They always do researches so that they will always be in line with the scope of entrepreneurship. And that is why they remain one of the best. They have a very active Twitter and Facebook page where you can get updated about their activities. This is great news for Gambians as this platform will give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to get the knowledge to establish a successful startup and the old ones the knowledge to keeps theirs relevant.




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