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Real estate investment is a highly lucrative business in Africa, which is currently attracting many investors. The growth of major cities in Africa is a main stimulant for the sudden increase in the demand for real estate properties for commercial and industrial usage. Highlighted below are the top 5 real estate investment funds present in Africa.


01. Actis: Actis is one of the leading investors in Africa’s market with about US$15 billion capital raised. They have engaged over 120000 people with their multi-asset investment plan packages. They invest mostly on real estate, infrastructure, private equity and energy. They recently set aside a whooping sum of $500 Million to fund new real estates in Africa.

RMB Westport

02. RMB Westport: RMB Westport uses its Real Estate Development Fund programme to solve the problems ravaging real estate industry in Africa. The first batch of fund raised by the organization increased from US$250 million to US$275 million of recent. Some of the completed projects are Ikeja City Mall in Nigeria, Stanbic Heights in Ghana, Circle Mall in Nigeria, Accra Financial Center in Ghana and several others.

Hyprop Investment Structure

03. Hyprop Investment structure: Hyprop is globally recognized as the best when it comes to real estate investment funds in Africa. Most of their property assets domiciled in South Africa includes super shopping centers, big offices, regional stores etc. 100% of their distributable incomes are paid off as dividend. They are based in South Africa and gradually expanding to other parts of Africa.


04. ATTACQ: ATTACQ invests, grows and develop infrastructures through their various fund raising techniques. Recently, their enterprise was converted to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). They have a very strong asset base of R28 Billion and dividend payment of 73% per share. Most of their properties are found in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

REDEFINE Properties

05. REDEFINE Properties: REDEFINE Properties operates advanced real estate investment funds in Africa with the aim of creating a sustainable business development for all. They help stakeholders to optimize their capitals in order to minimize wastage of resources and at the same time deliver quality results. Their major focus basically on industrial infrastructures, sustainable cities and communities, shopping centers and malls.




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