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There are lots of business improvement and innovations in Africa as we speak. Some of these businesses covers sectors such as telecommunication, automobile, agriculture, textile, transportation, and so many more. Highlighted below are the top 8 latest happenings in Africa’s business world:


01. Mara group made the first-ever Africa’s smartphone

Mara group, which recently opened its smartphone production factory in Kigali the capital of Rwanda made history by producing the first ever smartphone in Africa from the scratch. They produced two android phone versions which are Mara X and Mara Z respectively. These smartphones are durable and very affordable.


02. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) new Logo redesigned by a university student

A highly creative student of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria Farouq Osuolale redesigned the logo of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) in Nigeria. He presented the new logo on the company’s twitter page, after which his effort was commended. IVM which is the biggest vehicle production company in Nigeria has offered to meet the young designer in person and reward his effort.


03. Kenya Government has ordered State workers to wear ‘made in Kenya clothes’ to their offices

In a bid to boost the production of textile in Kenya. The department of justice has given a directive that workers in the country should always wear locally made attires to their offices every Friday to boost the manufacturing sector. This development will also give rooms for small and medium scale enterprises to grow.


04. The Reasons behind Nigeria’s border closure

There has been so many stories surrounding the closure of the Nigeria’s border. However, the Minister of finance, budget and National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed made known the purpose of the border closure during a press briefing with Newsmen in Washington. She explained that the border was closed with an intention to control the importation of goods from the neighboring country and to also ensure that proper charges are placed on imported goods. This will in turn boost the country’s economy.


05. Railway line that is worth $1.5 billion launched in Kenya

The Kenyan government launched the most expensive and the longest standard gauge railway in the country. The railway line which is worth $1.5 billion was built by Chinese contractors and its line linked from Nairobi to Naivasha. The Modern SGR was built to move both people and goods, and to also boost the economy of the country.

Railway Line

06. Cancellation of Power Contract made Ghana to lose $190 million US grant

The Ghanaian government canceled the contract it made with a private utility provider which is owned by an Americans. This action made the United States end the grant of $190 million he promised under the initiative of Power Africa. The news was disclosed by Ghana’s Information minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah during a press briefing.


07. Ethiopian prime minister won this year’s Nobel Peace award

The prime minister of Ethiopia in person of Abiy Ahmed won this year’s Nobel peace award. He was recognized for his effort in ensuring that the 20-years war between Ethiopia and Eritrea came to an End. The price is usually given to people who have positively contributed to the growth and peace of humanity. This year’s edition was announced in Oslo.


08. Russian president shows support for Africa at the just concluded inaugural economic forum

Vladimir Putin expressed his intention to foster the relation and develop African economically at the just concluded first Russia-Africa Summit. He also promised to double the trade between Russia and Africa in the coming years. In his words, said Africa is endowed with many potential and prospects, and it’s a very nice destination for trade.



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