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Africa is blessed with enormous potentials, impressive business opportunities, and an entrepreneurial revolution. There are websites that showcases startups and entrepreneurs in Africa. These are the domains on the internet to find interesting business ideas, investment opportunities, breaking news, expert insights and advice about doing business in Africa. Highlighted below are the top websites where entrepreneurs and startups are found in Africa.

How we made it in Africa

How we made it in Africa: How we made it in Africa​ is one of the top domain in Africa that showcases the success stories of African entrepreneurs and innovators. The main aim of the platform is to encourage startups and future talents. Their articles cover sectors like education, infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness and food, tourism and leisure, ICT and so many more.


VC4A: VC4A is a platform that connects startup entrepreneurs with the knowledge, support programs, mentors and investors they require to succeed. They currently have trained organizers of startup programs and events, 130,000 community members, and over 13,500 startups. They are in partnership with reputable organizations like The World Bank, Thomson Reuter, and Mest.


Weetracker: Weetracker​ is a website that discovers top business news in Africa. They also share success stories of top business owners in Africa to inspire and motivate start-ups. This platform helps to promote startup businesses by running affordable adverts for them. Their websites always experience high number of visitors on a daily basis due to the quality of the services they render.

Disrupt Africa

Disrupt Africa: Disrupt Africa​ is a one-stop-shop for all news, information and commentary pertaining to the continent’s tech startup and investment. They have journalists that find, meet, and interview the most innovative and disruptive tech startups in Africa. They also report Africa’s most promising businesses and business ideas. Their mission is to promote startup and entrepreneurs within the continent.

Invest Africa

Invest Africa: Invest Africa​ is one of the leading business and investment platform in Africa. They provide their members with unique information and exposure to business opportunities.

The main aim of this platform is to connect businesses in Africa by leveraging on an extensive network and influence. They help their members to identify synergies that add value both individually and globally, in a way that is profitable.



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